Hotels Combined Service

Description of Service

HotelsCombined is an online portal that displays the best online prices for your accommodation in the location you select, comparing the leading travel sites and enabling final booking of the accommodation you choose.

In cooperation with HotelsCombined, Digitickets offers a win-win service to holders of our Digitickets Club Card. With this Card, you can combine the selection of your favorite accommodation with the purchase of your ferry tickets and also receive a credit equal to 7% of the price of your accommodation.

Of course, at the same time you also earn the usual corresponding Digitickets Club Card points for the purchase of your ferry tickets.

Take the following steps to make a reservation with your Digitickets Club Card:

  1. Sign up for the Digitickets Club and obtain a Digitickets Club Card, if you are not already a member.
  2. Log in to the Digitickets Club with your registration details.
  3. Select the HotelsCombined service by clicking on the appropriate banner either on the left or on main slider on the first page.
  4. Consider your choices for accommodation, then make your final reservation through HotelsCombined.

Below, we describe in detail the terms and conditions of service.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. For each reservation successfully made in the manner described above, the Customer will receive a credit equal to 7% of the total cost of the booking. This refund will be applied after the Customer checks out of the accommodation that was selected and pays for the lodging.
  2. The booking costs used to determine the amount of the 7% credit are defined as limited to the final cost of the lodging itself and will not include other potential expenses of the Customer at the selected accommodation (such as--but not limited to--meals, extra services, mini bar, pay TV, tours, and/or rentals).
  3. If the Customer cancels or does not make the reservation, then no credit is calculated.
  4. The Customer will be notified by Digitickets of the final amount of the credit and will be able to redeem it in two ways. In either case, the Customer must have already bought, or must buy in the future, ferry tickets using his or her Digitickets Club Card. The Customer should inform Digitickets of the preferred method for receiving the credit. .
    1. If the Customer has already purchased the ferry ticket (e.g. before making a reservation for accommodation), he or she may request that the amount of the refund be credited to the card used to purchase the tickets.
    2. If the Customer will purchase a ticket in the future, he or she may request that the amount of the refund be credited to his or her Digitickets Club Card, which can be redeemed like earned points when the next ferry ticket is purchased.
  5. The Customer and holder of the Digitickets Club Card earns the usual points for the purchase of the ferry ticket (look here for more about that), whether it be before or after the booking of accommodation.

DigiTickets Club Card