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Rights and Obligations of the Passenger
Right to a Discount in Fares
Passenger Rights in Case of Accident

Rights and Obligations of the Passenger  

Law 3709/2008 (Government Gazette 213 A / 14-10-2008), as amended by Article 35 of Law 4150/2013 (Government Gazette A 102 / 29.04.2013)

A. Passenger Rights

The passenger has the following rights:

  1. To withdraw from the transportation contract and to amend the ticket or to have returned, depending on the time of withdrawal from the contract, either the entire fare or a percentage thereof.
  2. Financial compensation as a percentage of the ticket price or other compensatory provision as agreed with the carrier in case of delays, interruption or cancellation of the trip on account of a breakdown or damage to the ship or the carrier's fault. Also, under certain conditions, food and lodging to be arranged and paid for by the carrier, when the delay or cancellation or interruption of the service creates a need for overnight accommodation.
  3. To be informed in case of cancellation, change or delay of the scheduled itinerary, if the passenger has provided contact information.
  4. To be informed during of the journey if there is a delay and told the estimated duration of the delay.
  5. To carry hand luggage weighing up to 50 kilograms without paying a special fare.
  6. To be transported to the intended destination with the same or the first available or another boat by arrangement of, and at the expense of, the carrier in case of damage or loss of the vessel.
  7. The expression of a grievance or complaint during the voyage should be addressed to the designated officer of the ship. Οtherwise, it should be addressed to the shipping company or owner of the ship (the carrier), or to another person designated legally responsible, and the grievance or complaint or any claims arising from the provisions of law should be explained in writing on a special form. Disputes that are not resolved or do not have sufficient answers or explanation provided shall be sent to the Ministry of Shipping and Aegean.

In addition, passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility shall be entitled to the following

  1. Free assistance and appropriate conditions of access to the ship and, if applicable, at the facilities of the ports of embarkation and disembarkation, provided that the passenger informed the issuer of the ticket or the carrier of the need for assistance when the ticket was issued or not later than 48 hours before the provision of assistance, and provided the passenger is located at a predetermined point at a certain time, which shall not exceed 60 minutes from the scheduled time for the ship’s departure.
  2. To transfer free of charge any equipment or device required for the passenger’s autonomous movement.

Β. The Passenger’s Obligations

The passenger is obliged to do the following:

  1. To board the ship half an hour before the scheduled time of departure and to bring her or his vehicle into the loading area at least 1 hour before departure.
  2. To occupy the seat or space indicated on the ticket, to refrain from placing luggage or other objects on the seats or in other passengers’ spots so as to deprive other passengers of space, and to comply with the ship's regulations and the instructions of the captain or ship’s personnel that are related to the peace, good order, cleanliness, and safety of the ship.
  3. To avoid travelling with explosives, flammable or incendiary items, or other dangerous materials.
  4. To give accurate identification information and, if desired, provide contact details in order to be informed in case of a delay or cancellation of service.
  5. To refrain from transferring the ticket to another person.

Right to a Discount in Fares  

Ministry of Shipping Doc. Ref. 3324.1/01/13, Piraeus, July 15, 2013

  1. Destitute (with a certificate from the relevant department, prefecture, identity card, and a memorandum from the port authority on each occasion if required): Discount rate of 100% in economy class.
  2. Children: Up to 5 years old, 100% discount, from age 5 to 10, 50% discount.
  3. Disabled veterans, war victims, their assistants or attendants, national resistance fighters (with special identity cards proving their status, and official certificates): Discount rate of 50% (entitled to a bed in the section they prefer, provided that section has beds).
  4. People with disabilities or reduced mobility with a disability of 80% or more (with a relevant certificate) and their accompanying persons: discount of 50% (the beneficiaries in all sections, attendants in the section selected by the beneficiary).
  5. Families with many children (specifically, those with official booklets for large families): Discount rate of 50% in economy class.
  6. Students of Universities, Technological Educational Institutes, and Merchant Marine Academies (upon presentation of student identity card or report of student status): Discount rate of 50% in economy class (from 01/09 of each year till 30/06 of the next year).
  7. Coast Guard personnel (upon presentation of identification card): 100% discount (according to the Coast Guard rank and the current rules for those who travel on official business).

Vehicle Categories

  1. Vehicles of the disabled (accompanied by the proprietor and bearing special plates for disabled veterans or a vehicle parking card for people with disabilities): discount of 50%.
  2. Vehicles of Ministry of Shipping/Coast Guard: 100% discount.

Passenger Rights in Case of Accident  

Provisions of Regulation (EC) 392/2009 concerning the rights of passengers (baggage, vehicles, and mobility equipment) in maritime transport in case of accident:

  • Right to compensation for death or bodily injury of the passenger
  • Right to compensation for loss of or damage to cabin luggage
  • Right to compensation for loss of or damage to luggage other than cabin luggage
  • Right to compensation for loss or damage of valuable objects
  • Right to compensation for a passenger with reduced mobility for loss or damage of mobility equipment or other special equipment
  • Right to an advance payment in case of a sea incident

*For the exact amount of compensation per event, check here.

Which procedure applies:

  • In case of damage to cabin luggage or other baggage, the passenger must promptly inform the carrier in writing; otherwise, the passenger loses the right to compensation. In case of visible damage, the written notification must be given before or during disembarkation for cabin luggage and before or up to the time of delivery by the carrier for other luggage. In case of damage that is not apparent or loss of equipment, the written notice must be given within fifteen (15) days of disembarkation or delivery by the carrier (or the scheduled delivery, in case of loss).
  • Any claim for damages before an authorized court must be filed within two years. The beginning of that period may vary depending on the nature of the loss.
  • The liability of the carrier can be reduced if the carrier proves that the fault or negligence of the passenger caused or contributed to the death or personal injury, or loss of or damage to the passenger’s luggage.

The limits of the various compensation amounts do not apply if it is proved that the damage resulted from an act of the carrier, the carrier’s employee or agent, with the intent to cause damage or knowingly cause possible injury.