• Dienstag, 28 August 2018, 17:00
    SEA JETS - Prices for groups and individual passengers with TERA JET for Tinos island.

    SEA JETS group prices for Tinos island with TERA JET (with return) 32euros and 100 euros the bus price. Departure every day from Rafina at 07.40 for Tinos- Mykonos- Paros- Naxos and return from Tinos to Rafina at 15.20. Duration of the trip is 1hour and 50'. For individual passengers there are also offer tickets from 19 euros.

  • Mittwoch, 1 August 2018, 12:00
    SEA JETS - New ticket prices for the vessel TERA JET.

    Sea Jets announces new prices for TERA JET vessel: From Rafina to Mykonos, 33€, Silver type. Rafina to Tinos, 44,7€, Club type. Rafina- Mykonos, Paros, Naxos 49,7€ Club Type. Rafina- Tinos, 59,7€, Platinum Type. Rafina- Paros, Naxos, 69,7€ Platinum Type.