• Donnerstag, 17 Mai 2018, 00:00
    BLUE STAR FERRIES - The routes of F/B BLUE STAR 1 for the line Chios-Mytilene will be served from F/B NISSOS RODOS of Hellenic Seaways.

    Blue Star Ferries informs that from 17/05/18, F/B BLUE STAR 1 will not serve the routes of the line Chios- Mytilene. These itineraries will be served by F/B NISSOS RODOS of Hellenic Seaways. All the reservations of F/B BLUE STAR 1 until 31/05/2018 have already been transfered at F/B NISSOS RODOS and shortly there will be transfered also the reservations from 01/06/18 until 31/10/18. The passengers that have already tickets, are informed by text messages in their mobile phones (sms) that inform them that they will board at F/B NISSOS RODOS with the same tickets and on board they will get the new ones. If a passenger wishes to change his ticket for another date, the Blue Star ferries ticket will be cancelled (without cost) and a new ticket will be issued.

  • Montag, 14 Mai 2018, 00:00
    A.N.E.S - Modification of itinerary of ANES FERRIES at 27/05 from Volos to Mantoudi (Evoia).

    The route of ANES FERRIES at 27/05 from Volos to Mantoudi (Evoia) with vessel PROTEYS, has been modified as below: Departure from Volos at 08.00 arrival at Skiathos at 10.45. Departure from Skiathos at 11.15 arrival at Glossa at 11.45. Departure from Glossa at 12.15 arrival at Mantoudi at 13.45. Departure from Mantoudi at 16.30 arrival at Glossa at 18.00. Departure from Glossa at 18.15 arrival at Skiathos at 18.45. Departure from Skiathos at 19.15, arrival at Volos at 22.00.

  • Montag, 30 April 2018, 00:00
    MINOAN LINES - Discount 50% for the members of Minoan Lines Bonus Club from 30/04 to 20/05/2018.

    Μinoan Lines offers special discount 50% for the members of Minoan Lines Bonus Club that will travel in cabin at three particular days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)from 30/04 to 20/05/2018. The discount is not valid for vehicles. As day of the trip (when the discount is valid) is considered the day of departure of the ship from the first port.